Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds are a stable investment vehicle for long-term investors. Diamonds, like gold, are a historical investment asset and retain a base value. The 2023 price for lab diamonds has been discounted by 50 to 60 percent from natural diamonds but this looks like a temporary market decrease. The usual discount for lab diamonds for the last 70 years has been less than 30 percent.

This five-year decrease in market value may be related to other investment vehicles that are influenced by global international affairs and asset popularity.

Inflation, governmental conflicts & global incidents such as covid are serious factors to consider when viewing the diamond market and investment asset pricing. Natural diamonds coming from Africa, Canada, Russia and Australia determine the availability of natural investment diamonds for the retail market while Asia, Africa, USA and India supply many of the lab diamonds for the investment market.

After researching the auction sales and online retail sales of loose diamonds, Firmsme estimates the current asset value of investment diamonds as follows: