Welcome to Based in the UK, we provide advisory services to SMEs interested in launching a business and their internet web presence.

We focus on the following client base:

  • Individuals who want to start a thriving business in the UK.
  • SME Companies needing an additional internet presence that works with their core business model. (UK based website, UK based Social Media focused accounts)
  • Companies needing a stronger social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, instagram, TikTok, Pinterest)
  • Companies needing assistance with digital content – Word and Image
  • Business owners wanting assistance finding the right advisors in the UK.
  • Business owners needing an advocate to help them negotiate agreements, talk with advisors & clients in the areas of contract negotiations and business development.

Let’s Launch a Business.

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About is wholly owned by Trefuly LTD. We are an Scottish company located in Edinburgh. We have decades of experience in advisory services, digital footprint creation and digital content creation and curation.

We are documenting the creation and launch of FIRMSME on the Blog.


Connect with us through email to schedule an appointment. Hello.adviser (at) firmsme (dot) com.

Blog Launch News

Day 21 | Adding Financial Definitions to FirmSME & Noticing a Google Quirk

We noticed a Google quirk today. I decided to use two different methods for creating an online presence for the websites Firmsme and Queentweeter. Both websites are registered with Google and have a Google Identity that has been verified. For FirmSME, I worked on writing on the blog to increase the content for Google to …

Bootstrapping |Reference | Start a Business

What is bootstrapping? (for startup finance)

BootStrapping– The term bootstrapping refers to a business owner self-financing a firm or business. The business owners create the business without external cash investment or loan debt financing.

Why Bootstrap a Company?

Using your own personal capital allows the business owner(s) to create their company using in-house financing.

  • Business owners with not enough cash – Sole proprietors and companies may not qualify for business loans unless they can guarantee the loan with their own assets (House, stocks, Cash). In certain EU countries, banks require a 50 to 100% asset guarantee from small business owners.
  • Your idea is not sexy – If your business idea is not exciting or fixing a pain point that is a cash cow, private equity investment firms and banks will not be interested. Most private equity investors want to cash out of an investment within five years of investing with a 400% return.
  • You are a business Nomad – Not willing to work 23 hours a day? Want to have your own life? Self-financing by bootstrapping allows you to take a day off to visit your family or pivot without financiers pressuring you to stay focused on exiting

The benefits of Bootstrapping your Company

  • Full control over your business financing and business growth.
  • Less stress to founders from debt liability. Your stress will be based on your business budget not someone else’s expectations.
  • The opportunity to create a corporate culture that fits with your brand and personal ideology.
  • Full ownership of the business. Self financed business owners own 100 percent of their company.
  • After three years your company is an asset in they eyes of banks. You can apply for a regular load and line of credit to continue growing your business.
  • No pressure to grow faster than you can handle.
  • Your company can stay private.
  • Your personal investments increases your interest in seeing your business thrive.