Diamond Asset Pricing January 2023

Current Firmsme.com asset pricing for Natural and Lab Diamonds January 2023

Firmsme.com Asset Pricing for natural and Lab Diamonds January 2023
CaratMMAsset Investment Value of White Brilliant Investment Grade Natural DiamondDiscounted Value White Brilliant Investment Grade Lab Diamond
.5ct5mm£1900 to £6,950 £1,140 to £4,170
.75ct6mm£1,750 to £3,500£1,050 to £2,370
1ct7mm£8,300 to £20,500£4,900 to £12,300
2ct8mm£39,879 to £120,000£15,187 to £23,879
3ct9mm £27,812 to £180,000£16,687.20 to £108,000
4ct-5ct*10mm£150,000 to £358,000£90,000 to £214,800
6-7ct*11.7mm£75,600 to £400,000£45,360 to £240,000
8ct12mm£70,000 to £1million£42000 to £600,000
*Depends on the depth of the stoneAll prices are based on current sales prices for natural diamonds retail & auctionPrices determined by market discount of lab diamonds in January 202. Prices are subject to change depending on market fluctuation.