New Project for Trefuly LTD – TrefuGems

Trefuly LTD has a new project for the platform GWJ | GoesWithJeans called Trefugems. The project focuses on identification reports for natural diamonds establishing provenance for a diamond purchased in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Horstkamp approved the purchase of gemstones that are documented by cutters and wholesalers and examination as diamonds.

The provenance for the stones begins with a TrefuGem identification affadavit stating the stones have been identified as natural diamonds and have been purchased in the United Kingdom.


  • The POC for Trefugems focuses on the provenance of natural diamonds.
  • The provenance of a lab diamond is established by the company growing the diamond.
  • A natural diamond purchased through wholesalers will be marked.
  • An artificial diamond will not be examined by Trefugems.
  • Natural diamonds may be contaminated by industrial pollution, defense initiatives, and unknown substances from earth or space (space diamonds).
  • Storey Tarris UK photographed the diamonds for the website. She is a German national and German IP law protects the photographs.

Firmsme Book Series

Our main publishing person is taking a summer holiday through Europe so all publishing projects are postponed until her return. We are excited that Storey is going on an adventure the Salaterre project and look forward to adding to our digital image investment bank. Have fun Storey!

Day 730:(ish) Firmsme & Goes With Jeans |GWJ|

Goes with Jeans proved concept October 2024.

Dear Universe. It is day 730 and almost 700. It has been more than 700 days since my last blog post on the company blog letting the internet know about work.

First, stealth mode is annoying. I proved concept without most people knowing what I was working on. We kept the content of GWJ in fashion while proving concept because I did not need the website to prove the business model but I needed Google to find the domain name.

Now that the concept has been proven, the website is pivoting content. The fashion content is being used to create definitions for female investors. Our business model focuses on female investors who are interested in long term investments that are stable and black label.

Second, the GWJ project is still bootstrapped and financed by Dr. Horstkamp & Dr. Kern. My current budget is so lean, I’m working at one of those office sharing locations and avoiding Starbucks.

About Our Investors

Dr. Horstkamp is a lawyer with more than ten years of experience proving business concepts

Dr. Holger Kern is a finance geek with more than twenty years of consumer finance experience. 

Together Dr. Horstkamp and Dr. Kern have bootstrapped a new FinTech company idea that helps consumers add investing into their monthly budgets.

FirmSME December Update

We now have three links on google search. Two links refer directly to FirmSME and are the first and second on Google. We will continue to build some of the other social media feeds this month using information we have been adding to the website and our web projects.

We are not purchasing links but letting the website grow organically. It is important for FirmSME that the top links on the first page refer to FirmSME or our projects and we will be working this month to add another two links.

We will also be working on:

FirmSME Organic Links December 5 2021

Goes With Jeans – Beginning to Add text to image posts.

Day 21 | Adding Financial Definitions to FirmSME & Noticing a Google Quirk

We noticed a Google quirk today.

I decided to use two different methods for creating an online presence for the websites Firmsme and Queentweeter.

Both websites are registered with Google and have a Google Identity that has been verified. For FirmSME, I worked on writing on the blog to increase the content for Google to search and on QueenTweeter, I used the Twitter feed to build up a presence on Google through hashtags and tweets.

I found that if I posted regularly on the blog, Google did not ask me if I was looking for another website but that when I did not post, Google asked me if I was looking for something else.

This means that blog content must be kept current each week for the search to find my website relevant. I’m not sure how often a website needs to post and add content but I’m going to post on a regular basis and link the websites when appropriate.

The original idea was to add updates about FirmSME’s development but now that we noticed this Google issue, we are going to post something new each week that pertains to and the web projects associated with FirmSME.

Firmsme Now Has a Google Info Post in Search Results |News| November 2021

rOur Company shows up like this now in Google Search (for free)

The Firmsme Google business information post is now showing up in the search results. Firmsme created the profile a week ago and confirmed our address this week and the post is now live!

The post from Google Business shares our business website and updates of the business. It is another location for you to find our website domain link and to find information about Firmsme.

Once we have a larger office, we will have our exact location on the Firmsme map. You can reach Firmsme through our Email.

Firmsme created a web project called If-I-was-queen yesterday. Today we spent four hours creating the twitter feed posts to drop all day. The QueenTweeter feed posts 12 times a day (every two hours) and most of the content is original. The site is a persona and for now, the tweeter is focused on sharing information from Google News.

This is an example of one of the posts:

Example of a Queentweeter tweet –

Trefuly LTD, purchased another domain name for GWJ . We are looking to see which name reaches the first page for the generic search – Goes With Jeans. We have to be on the first page on a general search and at this time “goes with jeans” gets a hit but not goes with jeans.

Google now knows we are a real site | News| Update|

Today google no longer offered alternative suggestions of what I might be looking for when I typed the word Firmsme. My company Trefuly LTD which owns Firmsme showed up on page 2 of the Google search. So five days into the project, we have two Google hits for Firmsme.

We have one 1 organic hit on the first page of Google and one 5 organic hit on the second page.

I added information about cryptocurrency to and created another web site called which is a cryptocurrency token asset site. Tokens are a way for businesses to fund their business and give their investors a real sense of ownership.

I figured out that I needed to schedule 8 posts a day for twitter. I picked the categories for the posts and will start sharing content on those 8 categories tomorrow.

For Firmsme, I’m creating a token series that uses peapodpen as an asset for the token. The NFT tokens will be on certain pages of the website and will increase in value as the value of the website increases. As of today, the value of the domain without website is about £2000. With the website, social media channels and google ranking, the site will be significantly more. By selling NFTs, Firmsme will be able to invest in office space and staff.

Word Cloud created today as I researched Cryptocurrency for FirmSme and PeaPodPen

November 2, 2021 – Word Clouds & Google Ranking | Day 5

This is a word cloud created by Firmsme for sharing on social media. A word cloud image shares keywords in a visual format. This Keyword word cloud image is from my work notes while I was reading the newspaper.

Word Cloud created from news on November 1, 2021 for Firmsme by AlterEgoWords

We started creating Word Clouds with our sister project AlterEgoWords. We will continue making word clouds to share on social media channels.

I Checked our ranking on Google Search words this morning. For the Search FirmSME we come up first. Our goal is for Firmsme to control the first page of the Google search and to have as many organic links as possible.

Organic is good. It means we worked our way through spider searches. (Elbow grease SEO)

Making Sure to Tweet Something Important|Twitter Feed |

This morning, I decided Dr. Tedros, at WHO, could make an acronym out of his name.

The acronym has no negative meanings and will make it easier for people to share information about the World Health Organisation’s director.

For FirmSME, The process is the same. I’m creating Twitter tags that will show up in Google searches that does not exist for my business niche. You do not have to go viral or have hundreds of shares to show up on Google Search. Post interesting and real content and it will show up on a Google search.

Note: Make sure your twitter profile is completely filled in so that Google search has something to share.