Day 730:(ish) Firmsme & Goes With Jeans |GWJ|

Goes with Jeans proved concept October 2024.

Dear Universe. It is day 730 and almost 700. It has been more than 700 days since my last blog post on the company blog letting the internet know about work.

First, stealth mode is annoying. I proved concept without most people knowing what I was working on. We kept the content of GWJ in fashion while proving concept because I did not need the website to prove the business model but I needed Google to find the domain name.

Now that the concept has been proven, the website is pivoting content. The fashion content is being used to create definitions for female investors. Our business model focuses on female investors who are interested in long term investments that are stable and black label.

Second, the GWJ project is still bootstrapped and financed by Dr. Horstkamp & Dr. Kern. My current budget is so lean, I’m working at one of those office sharing locations and avoiding Starbucks.

About Our Investors

Dr. Horstkamp is a lawyer with more than ten years of experience proving business concepts

Dr. Holger Kern is a finance geek with more than twenty years of consumer finance experience. 

Together Dr. Horstkamp and Dr. Kern have bootstrapped a new FinTech company idea that helps consumers add investing into their monthly budgets.