Firmsme Book Series

Firmsme is working on a book series that helpls small businesses keep their work notes and important information together. The business books document the work process we used to prove business model and give you space to save notes for your own business models.

Our work methods required keeping budgets low and workloads high to prove concept. This methods of working proved concept on many business models and with GWJ we hit a billion dollar idea without having to give away a chunk of our business. We want to thank everyone who believed in the concept and purchased assets with us to be asset billionaires.

The next step of GWJ is to share how we made a billion pound asset purchase and kept our business. Our book series will keep you working at business models until one works for you.

GWJ – Phase II

We are using a shared work environment while commuting from the Fire Swamp. Our main space is in Cambridge and starting in February, we will be using London shared spaces while becoming experts in evaluation of one of our investment assets.

Choosing investments for female investors is one of our focuses for phase II. Trefuly started with one specific investment asset which is lucrative but not easy to insure as inventory. For the future, we decided we needed investments that are for every savings level and budget and easy to insure.

Do you know what is your savings comfort level? I’m currently testing a £20 a month or a £150 lump sum yearly investment for a long term asset. There are many businesses who use digital assets as part of their business income. Digital assets have been on the market for more than thirty years and are a lucrative area when focused and maintained.

This year, I’m checking to see if the asset will work as another stable investment for the female investor. Would you invest £150 towards your retirement and a steady stream of income? Lets find out what we can do with £20 for the female investors interested in long term investments generating income for their retirements.

Our test site for the asset development is starting with:

Day 730:(ish) Firmsme & Goes With Jeans |GWJ|

Goes with Jeans proved concept October 2024.

Dear Universe. It is day 730 and almost 700. It has been more than 700 days since my last blog post on the company blog letting the internet know about work.

First, stealth mode is annoying. I proved concept without most people knowing what I was working on. We kept the content of GWJ in fashion while proving concept because I did not need the website to prove the business model but I needed Google to find the domain name.

Now that the concept has been proven, the website is pivoting content. The fashion content is being used to create definitions for female investors. Our business model focuses on female investors who are interested in long term investments that are stable and black label.

Second, the GWJ project is still bootstrapped and financed by Dr. Horstkamp & Dr. Kern. My current budget is so lean, I’m working at one of those office sharing locations and avoiding Starbucks.

About Our Investors

Dr. Horstkamp is a lawyer with more than ten years of experience proving business concepts

Dr. Holger Kern is a finance geek with more than twenty years of consumer finance experience. 

Together Dr. Horstkamp and Dr. Kern have bootstrapped a new FinTech company idea that helps consumers add investing into their monthly budgets.

Day 11 – Created a News & Current Events Site

Today we launched as a website. The initial website was If-i-was-queen but after publishing the feed on twitter, we decided to separate the news and make the keyword searches. (We deleted the site to focus our financing on other projects. Update 12/23)

This is the List of Keyword Search Phrases for Today (Words are shared on

Scots may see travel ban if not Triple Vaccinated. 

Lincolnshire closing roads for Remembrance Sunday November 14th

Lorry Hits a Bridge. Railway bridge with arch painted yellow.

New rules on Bus Pass when State Pension Changes.  – Useful Scheme with new rules.

Lincolnshire has two of the UKs top fish and chip shops.

Ann Hathaway has a Bob

Spontaneous or elaborate plot to immigrate illegally.

NASA Warns of another asteroid.

Puzzle game is meditative through organising.

Jaden Smith asked to be emancipated at 15

Tories…. You represent everyone including the little people.

Aldi worker explains why scan shopping is so quick.

US firms are skimping on service.  Prices going up.

Vogue Williams has a Bob

Coleen Nolan marrying her Tinder Boyfriend

Google Mail making Major Change

Window User Attempting to USE Apple products

Did Lou Taylor bug Britney Spears’ bedroom?

Day 11 – Worked all day at the computer. 6 to 1635.

Google Search Check: In Google Search, everything is still the same on day 11. We are posting on the blog on Google and will start posting daily on Twitter.

We found the Google App for creating a course and will create a launch course. It is on the to do list once the routine of posting for the sites is in place.

Google now knows we are a real site | News| Update|

Today google no longer offered alternative suggestions of what I might be looking for when I typed the word Firmsme. My company Trefuly LTD which owns Firmsme showed up on page 2 of the Google search. So five days into the project, we have two Google hits for Firmsme.

We have one 1 organic hit on the first page of Google and one 5 organic hit on the second page.

I added information about cryptocurrency to and created another web site called which is a cryptocurrency token asset site. Tokens are a way for businesses to fund their business and give their investors a real sense of ownership.

I figured out that I needed to schedule 8 posts a day for twitter. I picked the categories for the posts and will start sharing content on those 8 categories tomorrow.

For Firmsme, I’m creating a token series that uses peapodpen as an asset for the token. The NFT tokens will be on certain pages of the website and will increase in value as the value of the website increases. As of today, the value of the domain without website is about £2000. With the website, social media channels and google ranking, the site will be significantly more. By selling NFTs, Firmsme will be able to invest in office space and staff.

Word Cloud created today as I researched Cryptocurrency for FirmSme and PeaPodPen