GWJ – Phase II

We are using a shared work environment while commuting from the Fire Swamp. Our main space is in Cambridge and starting in February, we will be using London shared spaces while becoming experts in evaluation of one of our investment assets.

Choosing investments for female investors is one of our focuses for phase II. Trefuly started with one specific investment asset which is lucrative but not easy to insure as inventory. For the future, we decided we needed investments that are for every savings level and budget and easy to insure.

Do you know what is your savings comfort level? I’m currently testing a £20 a month or a £150 lump sum yearly investment for a long term asset. There are many businesses who use digital assets as part of their business income. Digital assets have been on the market for more than thirty years and are a lucrative area when focused and maintained.

This year, I’m checking to see if the asset will work as another stable investment for the female investor. Would you invest £150 towards your retirement and a steady stream of income? Lets find out what we can do with £20 for the female investors interested in long term investments generating income for their retirements.

Our test site for the asset development is starting with: