Day 1 : FIRMSME Website and Social Media Accounts Created

We decided to share the creation process of our company to give you a real time example of a company launch on the internet and how long it takes to develop a valuable Google presence on the internet. Each day we will share with you where we are located on Google & what we are doing to create FIRMSME.

Dot Com Domain Name for the Company

Today we purchased the domain name FIRMSME.

We chose a Dot Com because our business model is not regional. Our company is based in the UK but our customers and clients may be anywhere that deals with our advisors. We suggest you make your domain name as SEO friendly as possible. FirmSME uses two terms that are used in business but when made into one word not in the dictionary.

Having a domain name like FIRMSME gives you an advantage when creating a site you are going to keep. The name Firmsme is not in the dictionary and has no defined meaning. We have stated that Firmsme means a company that launches business plans, advises business owners and provides business support.

If you purchased a domain name like (GWJ), you will need patience in achieving a higher google ranking. The GWJ website will take more than six months to reach the first page in a google search for the term goes with jeans. The GWJ site is very SEO specific and the brand is focused on fashion with all posts having to do with denim or fashion. Here is an example of six months work:

Six months adding content to website and Instagram
First day of Firmsme on Google…. Nothing. Google even thinks I have made a mistake.

You can start working on your website’s internet presence before you start your company as long as you are transparent about what you are doing. If you have no clue what to call your company, we can help you make that decision.

After choosing a domain name, a company will create a landing page (a one page website) for the domain.

Because we create websites and blogs for work, we set up a full website from day one. If your full website requires a product for launch, we suggest you create a sister site with a blog to build up the domain while your final site is being created. FIRMSME can help you with this.

FIRMSME does not need build complicated websites from scratch. We use WordPress and generic themes & plugins. (most of these will not cost you extra money and are well made.)

Cost of Domain and Website

The cost of website space is approximately £10 a month and the SSL is about £25 pounds a year (This is the little lock next to the domain name which says your site is safe to visit.)

The cost of was £10 and we will need to pay this each year for the use of the domain name. This price must be paid every year and if you fail to pay, you lose the domain name. We have these two costs built into our business model.

Social Media Accounts Created

Today we created an Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Tik Tok & Google business account for Firmsme. There is nothing on them but we will begin adding content in our fields of expertise.